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Large scale decontamination

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ABC ACTINI - CycloBatch


  • Effluents BSL: 1-2-3-4
  • Capacity: Up to 4,200 gallons per day
  • Technology: Batch
  • Utility: Steam
ABC Actini Continuous Flow Decontamination System


  • Effluents BSL: 1-2-3-4
  • Capacity: Up to 50,200 gallons per day and more
  • Technology: Continuous flow
  • Utility: Steam (or Electricity)
ABC Actini - decontamination lab container - door and inside


  • Effluents BSL: 1-2-3
  • Capacity: 40-foot high-cube shipping container
  • Technology: Batch or Continuous Flow
  • Utility: Electricity or Steam (autonomous)
  • Temperature - ABC Actini


    • Configurable time/temperature treatment settings
    • Batch or continuous units
    • Electricity or steam-operation
    • Patented and innovative technologies
    • Guaranteed decontamination with treatment validation by temperature sensors or eddy diffusion (turbulence)
    • Ensured effluent containment
  • Biohazard - ABC Actini


    • Pre-engineered solutions with customizations to fit URS
    • Designed for decontamination of BSL 1-2-3-4 liquid biowaste effluent
    • Specific design for BSL 4 containment and ATEX requirements
    • Energy recovery section: good for savings, good for the environment
    • Reduced footprint
    • Modular and upgradeable solutions
    • Sanitization cycles
  • Automation - ABC Actini


    • Automatic operation
    • Fully instrumented units for enhanced safety
    • Monitored and recorded cycles
  • Icon - Advantages


    • Homogeneity of the treatment
    • Ideal to treat large volumes of biowaste effluent
    • Reduced installation and commissioning time
    • Short qualification times
    • Compliance with strictest American decontamination standards
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