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  • Effluent BSL: 1-2-3
  • Capacity: Up to 260 gallons per day
  • Technology: Batch
  • Utility: Steam
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  • Heat treatment with F050 depending on the required safety levels
  • Standard set 135°F – 2 minutes
  • 185-gallon effluent storage tank
  • Automatic start of treatment cycles according to the level of effluent
  • Guaranteed effluent decontamination with tangential steam injection which creates agitation within the kill tank, thus allowing faster and uniform heating
  • Validation of the treatment temperature and efficiency by sensors and temperature control in several points including the coldest point
  • Ensured containment of contaminated effluent with enhanced safety devices
  • Continuous operation thanks to the collecting tank located before the kill tank so as not to have to stop the use of the unit during the treatment cycle


  • Patented steam plug-and-play unit: 110 V – 60 Hz – 1 kW – 9.5 A (excluding steam generator)
  • Steam: 65 psig – 4.5 barg – 24 kW – 30 kg/h
  • Compact footprint: W: 52” – L: 76” – H: 87” including vent filter
  • Fully automatic operation: monitoring desk for monitoring and automatic recording of cycles by the PLC
  • Energy recovery section to cool effluent at the outlet without additional refrigerant and save energy, cost and time (for instance electricity consumption reduced by 75%)
  • Cooling located after the decontamination tank which saves energy since there is no need to heat and then cool the decontamination tank
  • CIP skid for the decontamination tank
  • Fully automatic operation: monitoring desk and automatic recording of cycles by PLC (self diagnosis programs included)
  • Gravity drainage
  • Sealed unit: the buffer tank and treatment section is inside the system
  • Leak detection system: alarms and optional visual control with transparent viewing panels
  • Automatic stop of the effluent discharge in case of an energy failure

Energy recovery section - heat exchanger - ABC Actini.


  • Retention tank with level sensor connected to an alarm to increase containment securities
  • Lift system
  • Extra storage capacity (260 gallons) – W: 52” – L: 76” – H: 95” including vent filter
  • Steam generator
  • Cooling system by cold air or cold water
  • Complete CIP (Cleaning in Place) for automatic cleaning of the entire system (including collecting tank)
  • Access control and remote machine control

Pictures of the MICROSTEAM in action

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